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Bollywood Acting Diploma has been developed to provide talented individuals the opportunity and the platform through which they can shine in the exhilarating world of Bollywood.


CIMT College's Program Director, Mr. Lucky Sanda has been a part of the same industry, by playing pivotal roles in films such as Do Anjaane, Mein Tulsi Tere Angan Ki, Ram Balram, Kitaab, Pakhandi, etc.

Mr. Lucky Sanda provides you the opportunity to empower your acting abilities. Our first batch started on September 14, 2009 and after completion of the batch some of the students are already in mumbai and have taken up acting assignments in TV serials and bollywood films.


IMDB Profile of Mr. Lucky Sanda



Mr. Lucky Sanda in Do Anjaane

Mr. Lucky Sanda in Ram Balram

Mr. Lucky Sanda in Kitaab

Bollywood Acting Academy